“Ohm Away From Ohm”: Part 6

Six: The Third Eye
The chakra between our eyebrows is the gateway to spirituality. Here we find intuition, trust, and awareness.

* * *

In typical travel fashion, I didn’t want to leave by the end of the month. I regretted the plane ticket home that I had been looking forward to. We had a beautiful closing ceremony at the school. Karo and the other teachers made a montage of photos from our month in the mountains. In our best shirts and dresses, we sat in the yoga studio for a final time, called up one at a time to receive a paper certificate of completion. Although very official, the hugs and smiles felt more like proud friends, saying until we see each other again. I felt lighter than I had in months, filled with something that had been missing from life back home.

The recent grads met at a hip Western-Israeli restaurant to party our last night away. One beer led to another, and this group of 20 yogis cleaned the tap dry. The owner offered to go get more Indian brewed Kingfisher beer, but we all thought this scene of drunken yoga teachers was too funny to continue. Some people ate greasy pizza, some smoked cigarettes, some smoked other stuff – it was a complete release after a month of enlightened, yogi living. I borrowed a flowing, summery dress and wore a deep, red coloured bindi between my eyes. With no makeup, and hair almost in dreads, I felt a sort of glowing beauty from the inside. The kind that only a month of transformative healing can bring.

After a sleepless final night to bring the month full cycle, I said goodbye to my new found sisters and band mates, promising to stay in touch, each deeply knowing we would see each other again sooner or later. My tiny rucksack and I jumped in a taxi and drove through the mountains again, this time descending slowly out of the clouds. Departing was such a peculiar state of mind; exhausted and ready to rest, inspired to bring all the new lessons home with me, and fundamentally heartbroken to leave. I was a deeply changed traveller returning home, thanking the universe for its synchronicity, and the gift of a beautiful month in the Indian mountains.

* * *

By Madeleine Kelsey Levine