Who am I

madeleine intuitive empath

Hi, I’m Madeleine.

My full name is Madeleine Kelsey Levine. But I have a bit of a complicated relationship with the middle and last names, so let’s stick with Madeleine for now.

I was born and raised in Chicago and traveled around a lot after high school. I’ve lived in New York City for a few years and am happy to call Greenpoint, Brooklyn home. I am nomadic during this moment of uncertain times, and will see where the wind takes me in the future.

I am an artist in several ways, but what I’m most excited about is my spiritual and healing work – which is why you’re here.

What I do

“Come hang out with your feelings, with me.”

As an empath, I can tune into what you are feeling, on multiple levels, and relay this information back to you. I then gently offer intuitive guidance and loving wisdom from what arises during our reading. I have been lovingly called an “emotional workaholic”, which to me means I have an endless supply of energy for emotional work and I genuinely derive joy from doing the work. With my abilities, I can offer a safe, loving space to open up to your true inner life, to feel your authentic feelings, to uncover things that may be clogged, and to process what comes up in a deeply supported way.

I’ve done a lot of work healing my relationship around my own emotions as an intuitive, highly sensitive, empathic person. Now it’s my dream to help others get in touch with their inner emotional lives and help them heal themselves in an accepting, encouraging, non-judgmental way. I never thought I could be so lucky to sit with people and talk about feelings, but I’m so happy to find the world is coming around to this work and people do want it, and I can be a conduit for that change.

What you can expect

Consider me an emotional expert who can help you navigate the murky waters and come out the other side calmer, clearer, and with a deeper connection to your authentic inner self.

Private sessions are one-on-one and intimate. I will create a safe, comfortable, soft container for us to be energetically and emotionally vulnerable. Through a process of clearing myself out of the way, I will be able to read you empathically and from there we will organically delve into whatever it is you need. Whether you come with a specific struggle or a general curiosity to see what’s inside, I can promise that things will shift spiritually and emotionally as long as we are both open, honest, and come from a place of love.

Group sessions will vary based on venue, but are similar in intention and process.

“My session with Madeleine was amazing. It happened so naturally that I think I almost can’t fully appreciate how much value there is in her gifts. I got through so much information, and she kept up with me the whole time, and I received many new insights from myself and her. It was like 10 therapy sessions, with a good therapist, all in one.”

– Diane


Ready for more

All sessions will be online (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc.) and donation-based for the foreseeable future.

Book a session or ask any questions by emailing me at madeleinekelsey@gmail.com.

I would love to hear from you.